Automatic induction liquid foamer
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    • Using infrared sensors, no need to touch, rapid foam induction in 0.25 seconds! Silent motor, no noise even when used at night.
    • The general manual foaming machine is around 6:1, and the foam collapses to cause liquid waste. This automatic foaming machine maintains a foam-efficient cleaning power by increasing the ratio of compressed air to a gas-to-liquid ratio of over 12:1.
    • Appearance material is environmentally friendly and resistant to dirt and water, suitable for Bathroom, Kitchen, Hotel, Restaurant.
    • Cute elevation arc shape with 13:5 degree curves and it is easier for kids to get the foam; Perfect for Toilet home restaurant commercial office bath shower sink countertop. Nice gift for your loved one!

    ①  Open the base cover and insert 3AA batteries.
    ②  Open the base cover and fill the tank with liquid soap or sanitizer of your choice.
    ③   To switch on, press the power button.
    ④   Put your hand under the sensor for the dispenser to work. To stop soap dispensing, remove your hand from the sensor.


    ⊛ Material: Polished ABS+ PC
    ⊛ Capacity : 350ml
    ⊛ Input power: DC 3 X AA batteries(not included

    Package included:

    1 X Smart Sensor Automatic Induction Liquid Foaming Soap



    • > 12: 1 Gas-liquid ratio
    • A normal non-foaming hand sanitizer; it needs to be watered to produce foam. After mixing with water, use a small stick to stir evenly. Shake is strictly prohibited!